The Greigh Nation

  • 12PM – 2PM EST

This presentation is 99.9% of music that is either a cross of mood tunes to forgotten gems of long ago and hidden diamonds of tracks that are often overlooked but neat to listen to. Musicians needing a tune played? Get in contact with the station management and we’ll be more than happy to play it on this show! Greigh normally presents this at Noon on Saturdays. At times, The Greigh Nation has a tendency of slipping in by surprise at times outside of the listed schedules you find here on the site.

Greigh VonGottreich

Nobody knows of Greigh’s background outside of him being born in the dark woods of the Carpathian Mountains. He hasn’t said much of anything about it as it is a deep secret that he only carries and his family carries. He’s now living at The Dark Outpost doing only he does his own way following the pace of his proverbial drum. Want to know more? Hangout and tune in!