Flying Pickle Invasion

  • 9PM – 11PM EST

  • 9PM – 11PM EST

  • 7PM – 11PM EST

What is a Flying Pickle Invasion you ask? Well every show night the flying pickles get into formation and take off from their roost high in the Flying Pickle Lounge, they float and they flutter as they carry their appointed buggy queen to the venue they have decided to invade! There they take over the air waves, collect song requests, and even use wormholes to snag requests from the strange lands of Discord and Facebook. Flying pickles are natural pranksters so be sure to keep an eye out for shenanigans during their invasions. Sheba does her best to wrangle them but you never know what might happen! Either way, brace yourself for an awesome song selection and a crazy pickletastic party!


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DJ Sheba

Sheba has been rocking the airwaves on SL for around 9 years now. She plays an eclectic mix of genres including edm, dubstep, discostep, funkstep, synthwave, electro swing, and many others. While usually a green cicada bug with an afro, don’t be too surprised if she shows up in other random and wacky avatars, her other love’s on SL is modding and tending to a garden of breedable bugs and plants. No matter how strange the buggy broadcaster may be, her prime goal during her shows is always to bring joy to those around her, so be sure to tune in to her shows as her flying pickles invade the airwaves! They are sure to make you smile!