Dusty Records

Live At

  • 10PM – 12AM EST

Dusty Records is a show to bring back those classic hits, the feel good tunes for a new generation. Nostalgia galore, interesting facts presented by the two hosts of the show. Special events, remote broadcasts, and the occasioanl Brief History Of segments bring this trip down memory lane to the masses!

Join us in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fox%20Valley/117/211/2302 

Samantha Lockwood

Heya! Samantha Lockwood here, AllFurRadio’s resident coyote! Trust me, I’ve heard all the jokes about my kind, and they’re (mostly) false! You can hear me every Monday, with 2 Vixens & a Wolf, where I double as the producer and co-host, as well as Thursday nights on Dusty Records! And, though my voice MAY not be what you’d expect, please keep in mind that I am female!


With near twenty years of broadcasting experince, Dustyn Fox, has settled down with AllFurRadio to kick back and play the kind of music he wants. Bringing his distinct musical taste to the show with his Co Host in tow, Dustyn is here to have fun, and chill out with the coolest furs on the net.