Thank your interest in becoming a broadcaster. Here at All Fur Radio we strive for the best in quality entertainment and information with that being said we pride ourselves in the best in on air personalities! In our current state of rebuilding and re-branding we must let it be known that all positions are unpaid volunteer until we are drawing enough revenue to afford to pay staff members at that point in time we will negotiate contracts in regards amounts offered and service required. Because of this company performance is important.

Important note: you must be 18 years of age or older to join the station unless you have parents’ consent. All labor laws of your country have been fulfilled

  • AFR streams on a 192KBS setup, thus your computer will need to be at at least 352KBS up connection speed. Please note that at this point in time, all positions are unpaid volunteer work. Once the network reaches a point where income to staff is able, we will do an evaluation to determine amounts and such. Also know that to are unpaid this is treated like a job, and is able to be used on your resume as a reference. Everything you will learn here will only make you better. Please sign below to agree to the above.