Adrenaline Rush

  • 8PM – 10-PM EST

  • 8PM – 10-PM EST

The Adrenaline Rush is a two hour layout of songs that are meant to get you thinking, your heart pumping and your and yours raring to go, eager to get on with it! The songs can vary in genre as well as different themes such as movies or video games, from mainstream artists to the independant! Whatever gets the blood flowing or the emotions going it’ll be there for you, and so will I, I’ve got your six so lets GO!

Twitter: @DayStar11
Furaffinity: WolfixFireHeart
Deviantart: WolfixFireHeart
Secondlife: Alexander Quintessa


Coming inland from a massive island hidden from the world looking to unwind and share the experiences they have gathered to everyone they meet, finding AllFurRadio they put their share of knowledge into the works. While having fun switching between genders for vocal flavor and tossing their mix of music to the masses that they and their team listen to while out hunting the dark and chaotic. They also intended on showing the world that no matter how bad things get or grim they may seem, there is always someone watching over them and that they would be there if ever called.

Bonbon Raibudraht

Taken in, rebuilt and rebooted by Dr. Raibudraht to be given a second chance at life. Seeming that it came naturally to them they took to entertaining the masses with music and parties while endulging in personally loved ordeals. Eventually finding that AllFurRadio was looking for talent they joined DayStar taking both gendered frames of theirs and sought out the broadcasting station to further spread their influence and joy, a new life meant new opportunities, new friends, and much more fun to be had. How could they say no?

Mangle Raibudraht

Like Bonbon she was taken in and rebuilt and rebooted, given another chance at life. Though little to no memories remain of her past she happily thanked the one she now calls her father. At first very shy around the masses, unused to the kindness and friendliness from them. Dr. Raibudraht tasked her with working in the islands entertainment districts, after some time she became quite eager to offer hospitality to those who came in her presence that she went to her father and asked if there were any other ways to advertise to those who knew about the island that she would be happy to show them around and entertain them. He suggested to take the trip to follow DayStar and Bonbon to the mainland and see what she could find, soon after she found AllFurRadio and decided to give it a shot, even if some of the shyness persued.


Loneliness can take a bit of a hold of us many a time. As such it did to the fine Dr. He wanted someone for himself, even in his condition emotions and memories of what once was ate at him. So he set on making love a reality, a sentient virus taken form. Sweet, friendly, caring and always happy to be present. SVASCI would get curious about things as she gained more and more information about life and the place she called home and imagined the places everyone else on the island have been. Asking her love about possibly going to the mainlands to explore a bit, at first being against it, it took him little time to realize that the only way she would learn more is to be out and free. SO he designed a teleporter for her use and told her she may go there time to time as long as she was under the guide of DayStar and Bonbon. Once there she warped into DayStar at his set and began asking all sorts of questions out of curiousity, he smirked and asked if she wanted to stand in for a bit and he would show her how it all worked. She has been going to the mainlands twice a week ever since to broadcast…and to shop.