2 Vixens And A Wolf

  • 8PM – 11PM EST

Welcome to 2 Vixens and A Wolf or 2VAW for short. This is a talk show covering topics presented by Svet, Roxy, and Greigh. Its roughly a comedy show but sometimes informative but entertaining overall. Catch up with Svet’s Good, Bad, and the Furry news topics. Check out Roxy’s media and entertainment review during Rocking with Roxy, and finally …. The Greigh Area with your tall dark presenter. Aptly named Greigh! Don’t forget our ever amazing Samantha Lockwood as our program manager at the studio making sure we’re squared away (“HEY, THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW DAMNIT!”) or else. Be sure to tune in and join along with the fun!


Join us in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rabbit%20Valley/128/158/2302 

Svetlana Snowpaw

My name is Svetlana Snowpaw, and I have been a furry for more than half my life. I am an Arctic Fox-Wolf, married to Roxy Noir-Snowpaw, and my lineage is 2nd Generation Old Russian/Belarusian. I am currently a radio personality for All Fur Radio on the 2 Vixens and a Wolf Show.

Roxy Noir-Snowpaw

My name is Roxy Noir-Snowpaw, and I’ve been in the furry community for about 5 years. I’m a purple Arctic Fox-Wolf, married to Svetlana Snowpaw, and have a love for literature, creative writing, and film. My hobbies consist of writing creatively, watching films, and shooting photography. I am currently a radio personality for All Fur Radio on the 2 Vixens and a Wolf Show.

Greigh VonGottreich

Nobody knows of Greigh’s background outside of him being born in the dark woods of the Carpathian Mountains. He hasn’t said much of anything about it as it is a deep secret that he only carries and his family carries. He’s now living at The Dark Outpost doing only he does his own way following the pace of his proverbial drum. Want to know more? Hangout and tune in!

Samantha Lockwood

Heya! Samantha Lockwood here, AllFurRadio’s resident coyote! Trust me, I’ve heard all the jokes about my kind, and they’re (mostly) false! You can hear me every Monday, with 2 Vixens & a Wolf, where I double as the producer and co-host, as well as Thursday nights on Dusty Records! And, though my voice MAY not be what you’d expect, please keep in mind that I am female!